Friday, November 28, 2008

Internet drama drives me batty

Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881)

I don't get involved in internet dramas anymore. I really don't enjoy arguing, or upsetting others. I am fortunate to not have any drama in my real life either - well, not any that I'm involved with directly, anyway. I try to avoid it online by not speaking my mind too frankly in forums other than my own. I say what I want in my blogs or whatever, but I don't get into playing karma police on YouTube and suchlike. It would be easy if I didn't care about making some anonymous person at the other end of the interwebs upset. Sometimes I do wish I could hold up the mirror of truth to everyone I see that could use a dose of reality, but I decided a long time ago that it isn't my place. Maybe some of them would appreciate it and thank me, but I know how fragile people's egos are. They can handle the truth about a lot of things but they spend a good part of their lives running from the truths within themselves. And when someone comes along and shows them what they've been running from, it's shoot the messenger time. So, I keep my mouth shut. Whether I am handling this right or not isn't up to you to decide, by the way. It works for me, for now.

I have mentioned in the past about how folks are looking for the truth, and many do it obsessively. And there's a lot of infighting going on. Folks have the same common enemy but they feel the need to see faults in their comrades and bitch about that instead. There's a lot of semantics involved, and who said what and unsubscribe from my channel if you think so-and-so is the right one in this, and so on and so on. My theory about why this happens is that folks are overloading on the large and scary truths, desperately trying to find ways to come together and change it, and because of the overwhelming nature of things like NWO and such like, some feel the need to bring the argument closer to their level of ability and they lash out at each other. This is just a theory though, pretty much based on being a silent observer of the online circles who run in my areas of interest.

Let me back things up a little. Over the summer, I too was obsessed with keeping up on all the happenings in the truth movement. I started really thinking about it all very deeply. I wanted to help people understand it all, open their minds to new possibilities, and come together to push good things forward. At first I was really paranoid and scared. I know that "propaganda" comes off as a dirty word, but no matter what side of the truth you're on, whatever opinions and facts you stand behind that are presented as audio, video or writing - is all considered propaganda. Anyway, I started to realize that much of the "truth propaganda", while many of the facts are there, there is also a great deal of inciting fear and paranoia in there as well. Alex Jones is a fine example of that.

I used to give my mother shit for believing everything that she heard on the nightly news. She would keep me from doing fun stuff with my friends because there was so much "murder and accidents and crazy people on the streets". I knew, from actually going out and being in the world every day, that it really isn't as scary out there as the "news" will have you believe! Well, I just started to feel like maybe it's all the fucking same. No matter where you get your news from, if it all makes you feel horrified, angered, and paranoid, then it can't be good for you. I'm not saying at all that we need to ignore injustices in this world. I'm saying that we need to stop focusing on them all day every day, or we're all going to be cowering in a basement somewhere, alone save for a year's stockpile of food and guns, clutching our rifles to our chests while we freak at every sound coming from outside.
And you know, the real world is the same as it ever was. When I go out anywhere, I never see or experience violence. I do see a lot of stupidity, but I don't hold it against anyone like I used to because I realized that if all this shit is true, that they are dumbing us down, well... You just can't hold someone responsible for their stupidity when they've been raised in front of a TV, drinking fluoridated water and nutrasweet. And so many people think it is their duty to "wake the sheeple". Newsflash: People are coming to realizations on their own. Do you think it's actually going to help them come out of it if they've got an army of folks calling them an ignorant sheep? Please get over yourselves if you have an "anti-sheeple" attitude. It isn't your job to wake them up, and it's not your right to call them names for something they can't help. People get duped. And you shouldn't say it's their responsibility to know they are being duped. I mean, I can distinguish bullshit from truth, but not always - especially when I was younger. You think I'd be addicted to cigarettes now if I knew the difference between truth and lies when I was 13? Would I have had an almost decade long addiction to Mountain Dew? No.

Anyway, my whole point that I wanted to make was that we really need to put petty bullshit aside if we are going to have anything resembling peace. I have been witnessing infighting over petty drama for several months within the "truth movement" and this is precisely why I haven't aligned myself with more than a few people. I came into it all gung ho and wanting to wake people up and spread info everywhere, but it seems to me that most of the info is scary as fuck and I didn't want to be responsible for inspiring any more fear and hatred than there already is. To me the answer is really simple... I recognize what the problems are, and I know which ones I can do things about and which ones I can't. From what I can tell, there just needs to be a shift in consciousness to where folks realize that they have to change themselves and lead by example instead of "you're with me or against me" bullshit. I have said before that everyone is going to have a different idea and opinion, but we need to focus on our similarities instead of our differences if we really and truly want freedom. I'm of the opinion that you can't be an endorser of freedom while you tell everyone to think just like you and share your opinions. This is why we have the "all-seeing all-knowing" government and morality police out there. Why you wanna be like them? And furthermore, why do you want to fill your time with voraciously gathering information that scares you instead of making the necessary changes to your life and enjoying it all while you can?

We are all on this planet together, and there aren't any goddamned ships coming to take us off it. So we all need to start sharing it and taking care of it, or we will be fucked. You want "them" to lose? Then stop doing the things they want you to do! Stop hating each other and arguing about differences of opinion. Stop buying their processed foods and drinking their unhealthy water. Do things to make a change. Figure out what that means to you; whether it's getting off the grid, joining a farming community, buying local food, cutting off the corporations, or whatever. As big as it all seems, the so-called "bad guys" are a minority, and so are their morality police. Please just start trying to get along with each other. We are only hurting our LONG OVERDUE evolution by staying in these patterns.

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