Tuesday, October 21, 2008

help me out here, i am confused

In regards to all the information and ideas springing up as of late, relating of course to politics, society, NWO, et cetera - folks are getting so caught up in semantics that they are losing sight of the larger picture.
Doesn't anyone realize that when they obsess over the symbols and key words of the occult/satanist/illuminati/whatever that, despite being against it, they are feeding it energy and therefore, power? I know it sounds like magical thinking or whatever, but think about this... If you choose to focus on your personal solutions to the problems in the world today instead of on obsessing over debunking this, that, or the other, you will evolve and in turn help others around you evolve. And it will spread.
Bottom line: stop giving the shit your energy.
Think about what you are against.
Are you against the lying corporate media?
Unplug that TV set of yours, take it out in your yard, and smash the fucking thing. You don't need it. And when you realize you have all this time and money on your hands that you used to waste sitting in front of that glowing box of lies and manipulations, you might think about moving on to the next idea...
Are you against corporations and overblown, unchecked, irresponsible mass consumerism?
Then be a mindful consumer. Buy only what you need from companies that you believe deserve your support. Don't advocate waste and poisonous materials. Learn how to create things you need or want. There's a tutorial for everything, and if you say "I can't do it", you are only lying to yourself - because if you have two hands and a brain, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. It may take some practice, of course, but who is good at anything straight off the bat?
Are you against the government?
Stop giving it your full attention. Govern yourselves. Why, in this day and age, do SO MANY of us still believe that one man can change the world? Why do we feel we need some "Daddy" telling us the difference between right and wrong? Oh, that's right - it's because through the above two topics, and others (public schools, laws against the most ridiculous bullshit, religion, etc), they have reduced us all to their little teat sucking babies.

You want change? Then go out there and MAKE IT. No one's gonna do it for you. Keep feeding into a system of lies, and you will continue to live in a system of lies. Even if all you're trying to do is expose the lies to as many people as you can get to listen. Why don't we work from a place of love instead and expose the truth in how we could really be living, instead of "look at who's out to get you?" If we stop paying them attention, they will wither away! Why do we continue to watch documentaries and not know what to think, the shock and awe is still working on so many of us - even and especially many of those who consider themselves "awake"!
Remember - the bad guys in this don't want you to think for yourselves. They want you to divide and hate - it doesn't matter who, either. Hate them, hate other races, hate other religions, just keep on hatin! That's giving them what they want. Period. So for "truthers" or "freedom lovers" to make it a point to send out messages of hate not only towards the "powers that be" but to others who share some common enemy, think twice about whether or not they are really telling you the whole truth. We don't all have to agree with each other, but there is no reason for not embracing the idea that we can coexist. Remember - 6 billion people on this planet. ya can't be friends with every single one of them, nor can you be enemies with them all either. So surround yourself with people who you can get along with, and let all others move on. Forgive and then forget. We will never stop declaring war on other countries, on our government, on our peers, and on ourselves until we learn that simple idea. Forgive and forget! Yeah, I know - for those of you who feel the need to demand justice, this sounds ludicrous and impossible. Well, I too believe in justice. But I think that since this is 2008 and we still are at each others throats after all these decades, maybe we need to try something different. We need to teach ourselves, we need to learn from each other, we need to share what we know and what we can do. We aren't weak! We aren't stupid! I just want to see people rejecting all the notions they are against and start building something more positive. And maybe some folks still wanna live like animals and hate everything - let them do it in their own neck of the woods, folks. This is what freedom is - everybody does what they want to do. You can have some basic common sense rules for people to live by, of course. The way I see it is, so long as folks aren't abusing, killing, or stealing from anyone else, the rest of it all would just fall into a harmonious place. No one has respect anymore. We all have such vastly different beliefs, and everyone thinks they are right, and refuse to learn anything new from someone with an opposing opinion. How can we ever be free if we can't just accept others for who they are and agree to disagree? Why build up so much hatred and hang onto it so that it leads to mass generalizations? People are still individuals, you know. No two people have exactly the same belief structure - they can run parallel but who the hell agrees on every single thing, anyway? THIS IS WHY WE ARE IN THE TROUBLE WE'RE IN, FOLKS! Because "Daddy" in DC doesn't like gays or believes that abortion is immoral, or that the rich are more deserving of benefits than the poor... Every situation is different, mass generalizations do not work in the real world!

Please ponder on these things. We need to stop fearing, stop hating, and start creating and loving, and learning - especially on the forgive and forget thing. Agreeing to disagree could go a long way towards bringing about true freedom and peace.

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