Monday, September 15, 2008

Camel Crush: WTF more chemicals?

OK, so I just found out about this new cigarette, Camel Crush. Sounds like a smoking giantess fetishist's wet dream, but unfortunately, I think it's far more sinister and disgusting.
It all sounds pretty neat-o upon first explanation: It's a regular Camel Full-Flavor cigarette, but there's this little plastic capsule in the filter, and when you crush it between your fingers, voila! You now have a menthol cigarette. Wowie zowie!
Here's the thing, though: what the fuck is IN that little capsule? I ventured to find out and came up mostly short handed and definitely unconvinced that this is a cigarette i would want to smoke. A few sources, in describing the Camel Crush, say that the capsule "releases a chemical". Uh oh, sounds yucky. Other sources say the capsule "releases menthol". Ok, that's a little nicer, though menthol - while it can be produced naturally, is often synthetic - especially in cigarettes. So either way I look at it, the Camel Crush is merely a GIMMICK. Nothing more, nothing less.
Now, I know what some of you are thinking - smoking is baaaad for you! Yes, it is. This message is not for you, however - it's for the folks who utilize their freedom of choice and decide to enjoy tobacco products. Smokers, please. Do not fall for this gimmick. If you've done any research on how pre-made cigarettes are manufactured, then you know that when you smoke a Marlboro, Camel, or any other pre-made cigarette (with perhaps the exceptions of American Spirits and Black Hawks/other Indian Reservation smokes) they are about 40% fresh dried tobacco, the rest can be anything from factory floor dust, to stale tobacco, assorted chemicals, dead insects, etc. Isn't that BAD ENOUGH without adding a dubious capsule into the filter that has god-only-knows-what in it?

Please start rolling your own, smokers. Aren't you tired of giving the government and tobacco companies so much of your money for a sub-par product? You could quit smoking, but I'm not planning on it so I won't preach to you to do that either. Just don't buy the gimmicks. It's all bullshit, tactics to get your money AND attract new smokers, particularly teenagers.


sp4c3c0wb0yx said...

BRO, yer dumb as fuck, I must say. your trying to be all smart and whatnot, when this is not a gimmick.
yu know why? cause people buy MENTHOL cigarettes EVERY FUCKING DAY. ever heard of those? and all the fuck camel crushs are, is a regular cigarette, that yu turn into a menthol. its actually a good thing fer smokers, cause they can choose. and its the same price. if its a gimmick, then so are all menthol cigarettes.

cherriebomb said...

1.) Not a BRO.
2.) you have no clue how to spell.
3.) keep smoking these bad boys, please - the sooner morons like you kill yourselves off, the sooner the rest of us can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Cami said...

Well, it's been proven that there is no fiberglass in the Camel Crush cigs. And personally, I think they're kind of awesome. I get to smoke a normal cigarette until the last few drags, when I pop the capsul and have a refreshing minty flavor in my mouth as an aftertaste instead of the regular cigarette aftertaste. Not bad if you ask me.