Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We're in trouble.

The barrage of information is never ending.
"The Truth" is out there, but who can you trust to tell you the truth?
Everyone wants to over analyze everything, get into semantics, point fingers, and HATE HATE HATE.
We all know we're in trouble, we all know that there's a million things wrong with the world, the wars, society. But it seems most people who are angry are getting angry at each other, and at the public figures speaking out - nitpicking their statements to the point of ridiculousness.
I have no desire to follow the particular statements of any one person, but I admire the work of the folks who care about the human race enough to say something. The people who dig for the truth and expose it fearlessly. Some of them come under scrutiny, they are called liars and conspirators. Maybe that's true - I don't know any of them personally so I can't judge their character for myself. What I do know is that regardless of who's lying or not, we all need to stop pointing fingers and focusing on hatred. So many people are more interested in discrediting others instead of helping to bring about change. You people are STAGNATING with all of this! You aren't making a difference, you aren't digging for real truth. You just want to incite more people to hatred.
Enough is enough. No more hate. For anyone, even the people who are out there doing evil deeds. I'm not saying you need to love them, but stop focusing on it so damned much. Focus your anger into making change in your lives and the lives of others. Peace will never be achieved if the best we can do is hate each other for our differences!

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