Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ron Paul Revolution 7-12-2008

The first video coverage of the March.
No major media outlets are covering this, surprise surprise. MTV is supposedly going to be there, but I doubt it's a big deal.
We need to call CNN and other news outlets and demand they report on this event.



It's funny how the news media conservative or liberal or supposedly unbiased will not give Ron Paul or Bob Barr little more than a nod. It is despicable. Last time I checked we lived in a democratic nation, a government for and by thee people, but a specific class is controlling that government now, a new aristocracy.

Death to Tyranny.
Austin Sense

michelle said...

I agree with ya. I'm glad I quit watching TV, or else I'd be living my life angry every waking minute - and I'm already mad enough.

Much respect, thanks for following.