Thursday, June 19, 2008

I want an Earthship!!!

Joe and I have been discussing how the heck we're gonna live in a self sufficient home for the last several months. Initially, we were all about living in a yurt, but yesterday, we discovered architect Michael Reynolds' invention, the Earthship. Holy heck, people... this is fantastic! How I didn't hear about this until now is beyond me.

Here's a video...

Oh yes, I would very much like to live in an Earthship. The obstacle is finding affordable land to build it on, and who knows what other obstacles could crop up, since Joe and I are not builders, and different states have different laws about this kind of thing...

There's also a documentary about Michael Reynolds called "Garbage Warrior" that is well worth watching. I'm so inspired! I'll be collecting cans, bottles, and tires from now on :)

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