Sunday, June 29, 2008

found. again.

don't mind me. I am finding things around the net that I want to ponder and remember, so I'm putting them here.

Originally Posted by Orygun
Yes I bought precious metals back in 04 when I saw the writing on the wall. But now its smart to buy things that are going to skyrocket in price due to oil prices. Think of everything you may need in the future but may have difficulty attaining. Purchase...

Solar panels (for when electricity is through the roof)
Wood stove
Electrical wire
Land to grow food or as a woodlot for your woodstove
Tools and well composted raised beds for growing more of your own food
New roof (preferably metal that will last 100 years)
Rainwater catchment barrels
Plastic conduit for plumbing
New construction (addition, remodel, etc)

You can add to the list but the idea is that all of these things could be going up double digit percent while the dollar and investments drop in value. Better to purchase needed essentials now than to invest in declining assets during an inflationary period.

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