Friday, June 13, 2008

The first of many rants to come. Wake up, people - and start making the world a better place!

when will people in power (and people in general, for that matter,) understand that repressing individual freedoms only makes those who are being oppressed want what they are being told they can't have THAT much more?

I'm talking about censorship, here... C'mon, if you were a teenager or young adult in the 80's and 90's you know you thought about listening to 2 Live Crew records if you didn't run right out and buy them already.

Riddle me this, and bear with me, here:
If people in power didn't really WANT you to know just how "obscene" that record was, they wouldn't have bothered making a HUGE deal about it in the media, wouldn't you think? I mean, everyone has been glued to their TV's since the late 1930's. They were all about their radios before that, and radio stations by and large were local, independent channels.

Corporations have, since just before that time in our history, dictated how we live our lives. They want us lazy, superficial, judgmental, oversexed, addicted, dumbed down, and living in fear. They have duped us into patterning our lives into repetitive and soulless existences.
Don't think so? Check this out:
Television, radio, magazines - all mass media dictates to anyone who indulges in it (and that's most of you reading this, probably) the following things:
Money is the be all, end all of the status quo. Admit it - even if you're against the status quo, the world is so moneycentric that you would have to sacrifice a large chunk of your "modern conveniences" in order to live a lifestyle suitable to your needs.
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is what they tell you it is. However, "beauty" doesn't always equal "healthy", so that's why brainwashed folks run around getting themselves into eating disorders, drug abuse, emotional problems and death. Thanks, Mass Media!
He (or she) who has the most toys, WINS!
Yup. The more you have, and the better it is, the cooler you are. It's like high school, we're all a bunch of big babies going, "Look at meeee, I have an iPod and a sweet SUV, and my cell phone fuckin' THINKS for me, man!" and "You suck because your car is old and you don't wear designer clothes!"
Gimme a break.
Look, what it all boils down to is:
There are corporations in this country.
They do not have your best interests in mind.
They want you to do all their dirty work for them, and then take back all the money they gave you so they can sit in an office/travel the world/schmooze with the stars/I could go on and on.
They care SO little about you that they make artificial crap for you to eat, AND they make you work really hard to get the money to buy said food, that they produce!

Oh, and the people on TV? Yeah, they're tools in all of this. Don't you think it's a little ridiculous that actors, actresses, musicians, and anyone else who could be construed as an "idol" to people get paid millions upon millions of dollars? Especially people on TV and in movies, here... Let's get right down to the nitty gritty - when you really think about it, someone who is a famous actor or actress gets paid millions to appear in a movie. Is it really THAT FUCKING TOUGH to pretend like you're someone else in front of a camera? Especially if you're already a sociopath? And mark my words, there's plenty of those in L.A. whether you know it or not!

It all feeds back to the fact that the media is run by corporations. Government is as well. The corporations (with the help of their puppets - the media and the government) force you to literally slave away for your wages, so that you can turn right back around and put all the money you worked hard to earn right back into THEIR pockets. They make you think that it's all normal and what's right for your country - but hey, do you know who ANY of your neighbors are? Do you know that you're eating poison, stuff that is making you fat, and sick? It's obvious, it's ALL AROUND YOU if you open your eyes and start to ignore all the crap they're feeding your brain. Hey, the alarm clock is going off, folks... Time to wake up!

Fortunately, people are waking up, and I see evidence of it everywhere, especially on the internet. They know it too, and they have been trying to take it over and regulate it for many years - so far, unsuccessfully.

Every single one of us has a voice (even if it's in print, sign language, or through art.) Just use it. Please. Think really hard about your surroundings, realize that you've been lied to (and so has everyone else around you!)
Remember that everyone - man or woman, adult or child, black or white (and everything in-between), is an individual, and has the power within themselves to love, be loved, free, and be freed. People who are mentally insane or violent criminals need to be shut away from society, but they also shouldn't be treated as animals. They should be treated, but in a humane way. Who knows, it might actually reform them better if their issues are met with compassion and healing as opposed to more abuse. No matter what the offense, each person is an individual and the determination of what makes someone a "criminal" is wide and varied in our current society. Guess who owns the jails? You guessed it, bud - Corporations! 60 million laws - in effect. You probably break quite a few of them every day and don't even know it - or you just don't get caught.
Remember that they WANT you to hate, they want you to be afraid, they want you to think little of yourself and of others so that you can work your ass off for them while they make you think you're doing it for yourself and your loved ones. They want you to desire all the things they tell you are "illegal" and "immoral" so that they can put you in their jails and cause turmoil to your families and you!

I'm not kidding about all of these things, and I might be a little crazy, but I prefer to call it "enlightened". I have researched countless hours of video, audio, and articles after many years of just having my eyes open and taking a look around. Educating myself on these topics only proved all the things I thought were wrong since my early childhood, and made the picture much, much bigger.

It all sounds so scary, and it is - but we don't have to allow it to happen. Being scared of it all isn't going to get anything done. It's a matter of just saying no, and acting beyond that. It's about taking it all back. You raise your own food, encourage others to do so, and share your abundance and skills with others. Growing your own food is a lot cheaper than grocery shopping, it doesn't have chemicals in it, and it's not genetically modified. Oh, and it's low cost for you, so of course it all makes more sense than paying $5 (plus who knows how much $ in gas to get to and from the grocery store) for, say, a box of sugary cereal that's loaded with crap like high fructose corn syrup (one of the leading causes for obesity in America, btw... Food for thought.)

Start losing that superficial attitude, people! You can certainly have your tastes when it comes to how others should look, what music you like, etc - but share it with people without putting THEM down for who they are or what their tastes are. It's not hard, and besides, does it REALLY make you feel better when you mess with someone's psyche like that? No, I didn't think so. Just be open. Understand that everyone IS an individual, and if they're a sheep, they can become an individual if they wake up and all this bullshit comes to an end. So just think about it.

Human beings are designed to be productive, and there's nothing wrong with that. But we've been exploited for too long. We've exploited each other. We're a nation of angry, scared, and brainwashed people, dependent on "The System" instead of on ourselves and each other. Be self sufficient, and help others however you can. Educate with truth and show compassion. If you can't find a way to get along with somebody, get away from them and suggest they do the same. Not hard. Doesn't have to be, anyway, but we make it that way sometimes, don't we?

These are the seeds to take it all back. They want their money? Well they can keep all their money when we fend for ourselves and each other instead of for them. When the shit hits the fan, their money isn't going to help them, but food and supplies sure would. If only they had been nicer to us, eh?

I don't know if we can live in a totally cashless society, but a society without immense greed would be nice. You know, where people are rewarded for their abilities and contributions, but everyone can live comfortably and without hate towards their fellow human beings.

Peace, evolution, and the return of all our souls before it's too damned late.
I hope to see it happen in my lifetime. I hope that my ideas and my actions help people to wake up and gain some understanding.

There's so much more to this, but for now, I'm done ranting at ya. Keep mean spirited commentary to yourself - I'm not interested, I'm just trying to have my voice heard because it kills me that everyone is so needlessly messed up right now, and it's obvious what and who is to blame. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and we can start by making the elites realize that we're not their slaves anymore.


Pink Nylon said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Capitalism outweighs everything else in our society. It's the corporations that own our society and run our country. At the end of the day, everything is a ploy to get people to buy a product.

I remember growing up in the 90s and I remember the 2 Live Crew nonsense. They had a small following until certain groups of people started raising hell over the group and its lyrics.

It was interesting because that whole movement gave birth to the ridiculous 'parental advisory' labels that they started tagging every record with. Growing up at that time, I remember not being interested in a record UNLESS it had the label.

Was society really trying to protect its youth, as it professed to us on a daily basis? Or did they find a way to make records more attractive to certain groups of people? And, for that matter, did they want to protect all youth from the violent messages, or just the youth of certain classes within our society while they secretly hoped other groups in other classes embraced it wholeheartedly?

I like your message a lot here. Keep up the good work!

michelle said...

thanks, pink nylon.
I definitely had a tendency to choose cd's with the dreaded advisory label also - but to be honest, that's good. If I hadn't found punk, I probably wouldn't be as awake to all this shit as I am. :)

Pink Nylon said...

That's certainly what punk is there for. Or one of the many good reasons anyway. It's been how ever many years and I'm still missing The Clash.

But there has always been a lot of things out there that the system would just as soon have you not listen to. I think they'd prefer you be less awake to this shit. Glad you aren't!